What are they saying about his work:

" An evocative piece of work masterfully executed. "

Representing a human environment, although there is no human figure to be seen in this three dimensional work, its impact and appeal come from that very human element which is absent. From a purely artistic and esthetic point of view, it captures and holds the viewer's interest through use and dynamic arrangement of a rich variety of interesting forms and shapes. With infinitive variations in shape, size, volume and direction, the artist has made highly creative and expressive use of limited material.

Other then its aesthetic qualities, the work reminds us of places imbued with human warmth and , at least mentally, takes us away from the cold jungles of steels glass, plastic and concrete that we live in today.” -

Yetvart Garbis-Yaghdjian B.A. (Hon) U. of T

Honourable Mention given to artist Nacho Cartagena at Winter Art Showat the Papermill Gallery, Todmorden Mills

December 2009